VENUS SPIRITS - 127 Swift Street, Santa Cruz; Tenant improvement to create a new distillery and tasting room; Construction in 2014

BONNY DOON VINEYARD - 450 Cabrillo Highway, Davenport;  New tasting room;  Completed 2013, Designed with Stripe Design Group

BAMBU DESSERTS & DRINKS - 189 West Washington Avenue, Sunnyvale;  Interior tenant improvement in remodeled building;  Completed 2013

ERIK’S DELICAFE - 1074 South Green Valley Road, Watsonville;  Interior remodel of existing restaurant;  Completed 2013

ERIK’S DELICAFE - 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Los Gatos;  Interior remodel of existing restaurant;  Completed 2012

TRAMONTI PIZZA - 528 Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz;  Tenant improvement for new Italian restaurant;  Completed 2012, Designed with Mimi Snowden

ODONATA WINERY - 2343 Mission Street, Santa Cruz;  New tasting room for local winery;  Completed 2012

ERIK’S DELICAFE - Oakridge Mall Food Court, San Jose;  New sandwich shop in existing food court;  Completed 2011

BETTY’S EAT INN - 1222 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz;  Change of concept renovation & new patio;  Completed 2011, Designed with Mimi Snowden

SONOMA CHICKEN COOP - 895 Villa Street, Mountain View;  Complete renovation of existing restaurant, outside bar & patio;  Abandoned 2011

FIREFISH GRILL & WOODIES CAFE - 25 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz;  Partial renovation of existing restaurant to create two new restaurants, Included new exhibition kitchen and façade at Woodies;  Completed 2010

THE PALM DELI - 3000 Valencia Avenue, Aptos;  Complete renovation of existing deli;  Completed 2009

TAQUERIA VALLARTA IV - 1221 Mission Street, Santa Cruz;  Complete renovation of old restaurant;  Completed 2009

A SLICE OF KIANTI’S PIZZA - 46 Front Street, Santa Cruz;  New take-out pizza restaurant and office;  Completed 2009

THE DOLPHIN RESTAURANT - 71 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz;  New patio enclosure;  Completed 2008

WOODSTOCK’S PIZZA - 710 Front Street, Santa Cruz;  New restaurant with large covered patio;  Completed 2007

SONOMA CHICKEN COOP - 5925 Almaden Expressway, San Jose;  Complete renovation of a 6,600 s.f restaurant with new patio; Completed 2007

SANTA CRUZ ALE WORKS - 150 DuBois Street, Santa Cruz; New brewing facility and tasting room for local craft beer brewery; Completed 2006

CAFÉ RIO – 131 Esplanade, Aptos; Feasibility & second floor expansion study;  Completed 2006

SMOKE BAR & GRILL - 154 Post Street, San Jose; New restaurant with large patio & outside bar; Completed 2005

THE STOCKTON BRIDGE GRILL - 231 Esplanade, Capitola;  Complete renovation of existing restaurant in rebuilt building;  Completed 2004

KIANTI’S PIZZA & PASTA BAR - 1100 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz;  New restaurant & patio;  Completed 2003

KFC / A&W RESTAURANT - 2120 41st Avenue, Capitola;  Complete interior renovation of existing fast food restaurant;  Completed 2003

BETTY’S EAT INN - 1222 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz

KIANTI’S PIZZA & PASTA BAR - 1100 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz

A SLICE OF KIANTI’S PIZZA - 46 Front Street, Santa Cruz